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Welcome to my Shrine to Isis.

I am a Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis.

You can meet me here.


I want to share my experiences with Isis and the Divine Feminine.

Isis has come to many people these days, and why?

The Egyptians used the hieroglyph n*t*r to describe both the all-pervading Creator God Neter, and the Principles or Aspects, each called a neter. This seems much like the Hindu pantheon and the Buddhist deities. The Creator God is beyond name and beyond personality and beyond sexual differentiation. It is all pervasive, and we are all part of the divine, and it is complete in us.

Isis is the embodiment of the Great Goddess, Love, the Perfect Wife, the Healer, the Magician, the Serpent, Feathered.

She is the Queen of Egypt, and the Throne upon which Pharaoh sits. She and Osirus fell in love in the womb, cannot be separated by death, are both the same. She shares her husband with her sister Nephthys, is helped by the son of her sister and her husband, Anubis, the Jackal, guide to the neterworld, to recover the body of Osiris.

The neterworld has been translated as the underworld by Egyptologists through the centuries, but if we take the meaning of neter, as being somewhat the same as god or goddess, we have the meaning of neterworld being the place where the gods and the goddesses are. It is also the place one can get to only after death, because while we are born we are separate from this place, in the land of duality. Due to the fear of death in the Western world, this concept has been misinterpreted from the beginning.

Nephthys and Isis are twin sisters hand in hand, separate yet eternally the same. The mythology is metaphor for the journey of the soul. Each soul made up of its own parts, seemingly separate but all part of the one person, and similarly, each soul is part of the greater Creator God, seemingly separate but all part of the same oversoul, universal consciousness, All-Pervading God, Great Spirit, however we wish to call the all-that-is.

Isis has the power of the word, and the power of love. She is known for her healing powers, and there is a story of how she acquired them. It is reminiscent of a story of Inanna in Sumeria. Isis fashions a scorpion to put in the path of Ra, where it bites him and he is made sick with the poison. Isis offers to help him, but demands that he tell her his true name in return. Ra is hesitant, but finally reveals his true name to Isis in return for her healing powers. Isis easily cures him, but then uses the power of his true name to gain his magical and healing powers. After that, Isis is the greater magician, and her power is superior to Ra. In this story, she is referred to as the daughter of Ra.

Ra is the light of consciousness that illuminates the soul.

More thoughts on Isis

You can go this way to the Temple of Sekhmet

My own Iseum in the Fellowship of Isis is the
Iseum of Our Lady of the Yuba

I am also a Priestess of the Iseum Isis Aurea

and was ordained at Isis Oasis.

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