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The message is that the earth as a whole needs to reach a breakthrough in consciousness whereby they can see clearly that no one person is whole by themselves and we are all part of a whole where love and compassion are the ruling themes. The message from alien civilizations being transmitted to certain humans is that earth need to shift in consciousness soon, before the planet becomes a danger to the more inhabited sections of the universe.

On the outer edges of the galaxy it has taken longer for the light to reach earth. Civilizations are watching the progress of man on earth, and waiting to see if he and she are able to shift consciousness before their advanced technology enables them to leave their own solar system and travel to other populated worlds with no understanding of the beauty of an ecosystem in balance with itself, and no idea of how to create such a garden of delight here on earth.

Can we do it? Yes! The Mayans have predicted an opening, a window of opportunity, for this planetary consciousness shift centering in the year 2012. The Pliedians are predicting a photon belt that will bombard earth with energized particles of light, thereby increasing the available energy level and enabling many to make that jump into a universal consciousness.At that time earth beings will be welcomed into the cosmic universe and learn secrets of time and space travel with or without a physical body.

Other prophets have come to us in this age with this same message of immediacy, that we are moving so fast now it is imperative for this initial consciousness shift to occur within this time period merging around the year 2012, and ushered in by the new millennium and the Aquarian Age.

How can we do that? The first thing we need to do as a global whole is to accept the premise that it can happen and that this world of peace and love and harmony for all is what we as a global whole, are striving towards. Imagine the changes that can come about in theis new world of global and instantaneous communication if we were to agree that the values of love, compassion, and understanding were values held in great esteem by the global society as a whole.

Our global society today agrees on violence, greed, and that the purpose of life is to get as much as you can before dying. What if we were to teach our children the principles of eternal change, and love, and give more of a purpose to our short mortal span here on earth than the enjoyment of one small ego life.

What if we were to see our life and relationship with the earth and its inhabitants as an orchestra, where we are each one instrument lending our song to the whole song, and another part in the grand orchestra, time after time, after time, after time, after time.

What if we as a global society were to put value on every blade of grass, and respect each rock and bird and fish and human being? Obviously we need more aware persons on earth before such an agreement to global and universal peace and harmony will be the accepted lesson of life.

We need to agree to teach our children by our words and deeds and electronic media the value of respect for life in all forms, and that we are together on our planet and must learn to share. For there is so much to share here in this garden we call Earth. Other planets were given hot winds, cold barren nothingness, poison gasses, but here on Earth we were given garden.

Green, the first color of life, abounding on the land; blue, the color of the water and sky; lending a blue-green paradise to the starkness of this out of the way backwater solar system on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Swirling on the edges, moving faster, yet light years away from the congested hub of the Galaxy. Our DNA swirling our of the primordial ooze of hydrogen and oxygen atoms electrified and forming aminos of life. Our DNA, the secret code of the universe, has been with us all along. It is encoded on barren rocky far flung bits of planets and rotating moons. It is the stuff that stars are made of.

It floats in the universe in places where only space exists, there is no time for there is nothing but random bits of star stuff floating so far away from each other that there is nowhere for time to happen.

We need to know each one of us today that we all have these same building blocks of life, these simple patterns that create our celebration of diversity that makes up mankind and all the inhabitants of our biosphere Earth.

This is all we have.

It is time to take care of ourselves by realizing that we are ourselves, and helping and loving other beings is the same as helping and loving ourselves. This is clear to a realized being, and when the world is populated by realized beings there will be no need for laws or police.