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Nedstat Counter

Church Choir singing Ave Maria

student of myth,

Rainbow Girl taught by grandmother of Eastern Star ritual and lore

speaking the glory of Innana for high school project

learning yoga chanting breathing chakras breathing in and out

Quetzalcoatl Palenque Meso-America myth and legend in college

North America pre-historic culture tribes moving across the continent

hot in the central valley runes pointing the way

to the mountains air trees breathing

poetry and libraries

shaman journeying the three worlds

call and enter finding jaguars, rainbows, earthquakes,

Earth Mother, Rainbow Woman, Rainbow Horses,

riding across the sky

gourd rattles keeping the time marking the passage between worlds

sweat lodge ceremonies father sky mother earth

teach different ways of power

sitting silent Zen meditation eyes open mind still

layers falling off like onions

naked at the Yuba River

Women of the Rocks worship in silence and sun

White Tara appearing glorious after offerings of feathers and flowers

Pyramid Lake rocks offer advice

Sedona brings lessons and teachers

gatherings abound herbal healing circles grow

Tarot shows openings


at home calling directions

calling power calling remembrance

wanting to call the world together she searches

for others and finds they are waiting

leaving the silence, working with song

singing the world into existence

singing the world into healing

vowing to return until all beings are enlightened

the light surrounds and enfolds

gathering the energy

lapis for the priestess she knows

her path

and waits

for this day

she is ready

she is here before you

she gives herself to the goddess

to serve all beings in light and love