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Hymn to Inanna

freely adapted from myth, legend, and cuneiform text by Raven Joy

Hail to Thee Inanna
Hail to Thee White Goddess
Born of the Moon
Daughter of Nanna
Granddaughter of Enki
Queen of Heaven and Earth
Daughter of Sky Father Earth Mother
Morning and Evening Star
Sirius rising on your day of Justice
Crescent Moon your Crown
Holy Shepherdess
Long ago married to Dumuzi
Long ago married to the Shepherd King
Daughter of the Moon Inanna
Crescent shaped your crown
In your youth, in your beginnings
Your love for Dumuzi the Shepherd King
Turning aside from the farmer
You loved the Shepherd King
Bringing his animals to lie down in the city
Bringing him to lie down
Beside you in the sacred bed
Beside you in the sacred marriage bed
Each year at Springtime
He came
He comes
To your royal vulva,
He plows your fields,
He fills your boat with cream
The King goes with lifted head to your holy loins
To your fragrant honey-bed
Queen of Heaven
Queen of Earth
Priestess of Heaven
Light of the World
First Daughter of the Moon
Righteous Justice
Holy Shepherdess
Loud Thundering Storm
Surround me in your love
Fill me with your light
You who acquired the sacred wisdom
From Grandfather Enki
Ninety-four me you were given
Brought home to Erech
Inanna Queen of Heaven
Eight pointed star at your breast
Venus, in the morning and evening
As the ladies of the night walk outside
Looking for those who would wish to worship
At your holy loins
To partake of the Goddess
The White Virgin
Holy they worship at her loins
And through her you
Evening Star
Dispenser of Justice when the moon is new
Unseen Light
You illuminate the darkness and show the way
May my heart be filled with wisdom and love
You passed yourself through the darkness
To the depths of Hell
And back
Seven gates giving up something of yourself
Some possession
Some feeling of self-worth
Until you gave your very life all you had to give
To your Dark Sister Ereshkigal
Before you came back to the Light
Your lover Dumuzi
Sacrificed half the year
To give the world your full glory
Innana Queen of Earth
Blessed is the grain and vine
Blessed is the Fig Tree
Palm, cedar, sycamore, olive and apple
I plant for you
Before your Temple
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven
I offer to You
Holy Shepherdess
Cow and sheep you guard and protect
Friend of stag and lion
Your Chariot drawn across the Heavens by Lions
Tamed to your beauty
Queen of Heaven and Earth
I bow before your presence
I bow before your Light
I bow before your Justice
I bow before your Love
Be with me
Be with me now



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